Redux Necklace

Brand: Highlow

  • $88.00

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Delicate yet a statement piece.  Art Deco shaped necklace made with Polymer Clay disc and Gold Plated Brass rectangle hanging by Gold Fill Chain


Color & Material:  Polymer Clay, Gold Plated Brass, Gold Fill Snake Chain

Origin:  Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California

Length - 45.5cm/18" and 5cm/2"


Origin & Artisan: Highlow Jewelry


ARTISAN: Highlow Jewelry

Highlow Jewelry combines new classics with art through personal adornment. Balancing inspiration from art history with a modern point of view, Highlow celebrates the joining of beauty and utility and is devoted to delivering wearable art through jewelry design. 

Highlow’s collection of jewelry is ever evolving as Los Angeles-based designer Sonya Gallardo’s sophisticated artistry is ignited through the study of art mediums and materials that pull her in. 

Sonya studied Painting and Textile Design at California College of the Arts and has previously worked with notable art organizations, galleries, and artists. After completing an art residency in NYC, Sonya began to experiment with ways to continue her art practice, leading her to create her first jewelry collection as a self-taught designer. She quickly received interest, and this response inspired her to pursue jewelry design as her primary art form.

Established in 2012 and with a studio in Inglewood, CA, Highlow derives its namesake from the study of the classical distinction between high and low art. Sonya believes that art and craft are better together (instead of fine art being above craft) and continues to blend process, functionality, refinement, and meaning as the cornerstone of her designs. Her hope is that her work feels inspired and in turn inspires the viewer, wearer, and customer alike. 



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